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Information on Missouri's constitutionally mandated Nov. 8, 2022 constitutional convention referendum, including news, opinion, and history

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Missouri State Archives

Missouri Constitutions, 1820-1945: Introduction.

The Five Constitutions Proposed by Missouri Constitutional Conventions: 1820, 1845, 1865, 1875, and 1946

Missouri Digital Heritage (the search box here is most valuable)

The State Historical Society of Missouri


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Missouri Constitutional Convention Election Data

Valentine, David C., Constitutional Amendments, Statutory Revision and Referenda Submitted to the Voters by the General Assembly or by Initiative Petition, 1910–2010, Missouri Legislative Academy, December 2010.

Cox, E.C., 1954. Origin, drafting, and ratification of the Missouri Constitution of 1945. Washington University in St. Louis.

Previous Elections, Missouri Secretary of State. Begins on Nov. 5, 1996.

Missouri Secretary of State

Calling Constitutional Conventions – “Missouri’s Best Kept Secret”, Missouri Secretary of State Press Release, Sept. 1, 2002.

Missouri Attorney General

1943 Missouri Attorney General (This is the major year for opinions on the constitutional convention process)

1942 Missouri Attorney General

1941 Missouri Attorney General

University of Missouri-Kansas City Libraries

Missouri Constitution Collection (Materials in this collection pertain to the formation of Missouri’s fourth constitution, adopted in 1945. Inclusive dates in the collection are 1944-1945.)

Debates of the 1943-1944 Constitutional Convention of Missouri.

Missouri Senate Communications Office

Nov 17, 2018: This Date in Missouri Senate History reviews Nov. 17, 1845, the day Missouri‘s second constitutional convention begins. This feature report is narrated by Senate Communications’ Dean Morgan.

May 02, 2018: This Date in Missouri Senate History reviews May 2, 1820, the day delegates to Missouri‘s first constitutional convention were elected. This feature report is narrated by Senate Communications’ Dean Morgan.